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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Geronimo build automation status (longish)
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 20:37:46 GMT
On Dec 4, 2006, at 8:57 PM, John Sisson wrote:
> Jason Dillon wrote:
> Maybe it is starting your response with the word "What?".  I could  
> have interpreted it completely differently to how you intended, but  
> it did not make you seem friendly and approachable.

Eh.. maybe :-P

Maybe  "Huh?"... "Hrm...?" "Whaddyamean?" "Wha-what?"...

Though they all seem to end up suggesting that I am surprised.  Funny  
that the plain english version makes it seem like I am being a prick  
or something :-P

>> As I mentioned in the initial email, the AntHill license is very  
>> similar to that of JIRA or Confluence... they grant licenses for  
>> use by open-source projects.
> Can the full text of the open source license be sent to the PMC for  
> vetting?

Sure.  Did the PMC do any vetting for JIRA or Confluence?

>> I had hopped to get a more perfect and complete system before I  
>> brought this to the community... though I'm not sure that would  
>> have mattered much.  Probably more that the tool is not open- 
>> source is why you even mention this.  If I did something similar  
>> with CC or Continuum no one would even mention it.  Too bad  
>> neither of those tools is comprehensive enough to do the job  
>> though... but maybe if we wait for a few more years they will be  
>> closer.
>> :-P
>> Maybe I need an apple mail plugin to randomly insert emotions into  
>> mail so that folks don't think that I am being harsh...
> Maybe :-) Everyone doesn't have the same thickness of skin.

Maaaaybbbeeeee not.  :-) I know sometimes I misjudge the tone of  
email, :-P, and then reply with similar tone to that which I  
interpreted ;-) :-P

IMO best not to think about tone at all when reading email... more  
often than not the interpreted tone is more a manifestation of your  
own mood than what the text of the message actually indicates. :-)




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