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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: no more modules for specs...
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2006 21:14:00 GMT

On Dec 16, 2006, at 12:33 PM, Jason van Zyl wrote:

> On 16 Dec 06, at 11:26 AM 16 Dec 06, Kevan Miller wrote:
>> On Dec 15, 2006, at 6:41 PM, Jason Dillon wrote:
>>> this change really killed me for all of the build automation I  
>>> have been working on... and was one of the reasons why I had  
>>> warned against using this style of versioning.
>>> basically since this was removed, checking out the specs project  
>>> and building it produces nothing, except for this:
>>>     org/apache/geronimo/specs/specs/maven-metadata-local.xml
>>>     org/apache/geronimo/specs/specs/1.2/specs-1.2.pom
>>>     org/apache/geronimo/specs/specs/1.2/specs-1.2-site.xml
>> <snip>
>> I think this discussion has gotten a bit off track. I don't think  
>> we should be discussing archiva capabilities, at all.
>> IMO, we release source code. Binary distributions and maven  
>> artifacts are a convenience. If users can't build our source code,  
>> then there's a problem.
> You think your users build from sources to make their Geronimo  
> servers for production or are you talking about just the specs? I  
> would argue that it's rare for users to want to build everything  
> from source, but even if they only built the Geronimo sources they  
> still need all the binary dependencies at which point the quality  
> of the repository matters. I think the discussion is germane in the  
> context of your users building production systems from source.

Jason van Zyl,
No, I don't expect users to be building specs from source. However,  
if users chose to build our sources, I expect our sources to build.  
If users find problems, I expect that they can patch our source and  
build patched versions of our software. Do you disagree with any of  

Jason Dillon said he was having a problem building our specs. I'm  
trying to understand his problem.

The behavior and reliability of maven repos is a great discussion to  
have. It's just moving off of what I think is the core issue...


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