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From "Jason Warner" <>
Subject Problem compiling javamail code?
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 08:07:46 GMT
Hey all,

In working with the javamail code I've come across a strange issue.  It
might not be for javamail only, but this is where I am working with the
code.  I am finding that after I make changes to the code in eclipse and
then save, when I run mvn in the javamail/trunk directory none of my changes
seem to be picked up.   When I go to run javamail after building, nothing
has changed.  I have done things that should result in an obvious change
such as changing a println statement that is definitely being printed out or
changing the functionality of the code such that it should undoubtedly do
the change I made but to no avail.  Is there something wrong with my
build/test process that's resulting in this?  I've done an mvn clean on all
applicable directories just in case, but that had no effect either.  Any


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