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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: no more modules for specs...
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2006 21:32:35 GMT
On Dec 16, 2006, at 5:51 AM, Jason van Zyl wrote:
> The central repository itself has always been pretty stable with no  
> safeguards. I realize not having these safeguards is not great but  
> things don't just disappear off that machine. We have a huge  
> problem, it appears,  with the syncs we are pulling in  
> automatically. Organization wide syncs are soon going to stop and  
> it's going to be per-project so that when garbage appears we will  
> know immediately who's polluting the repository, Archiva will also  
> keep track of deletions. So yes, I agree on one hand that we need a  
> watchdog in place but we are not randomly jumbling stuff around on  
> the central repository. We're getting burned from our source syncs  
> and the misuse of SNAPSHOT repositories for the most part.

Put the contents of central under svn, and expose the change log...  
that would be a good start.  That will help reduce the window of  
error, though it does not completely eliminate it.  If you also allow  
the central repo to be pulled via svn's versioned dav protocol, then  
you can also eliminate problems when an artifact is being changed...  
so that when the build runs, it will always use the same rev# when  
retrieving artifacts (picking whatever is the latest at the time when  
its initialized and keeping that for the entire cycle).

I think that all mvn repos should behave like this actually... and if  
they did I would have much less to complain about, since that would  
provide a rich audit trail and atomic access to artifacts.

Only thing left would be to allow projects to add specific tags to  
those artifacts on central during release time, so that at any point,  
a project could always get the complete set of artifacts it needed to  

>> Another comment I will make is that I am fairly sure there are  
>> severe bugs in the maven artifact resolution process when  
>> snapshots are present.
> There are a huge number, I believe it's completely unreliable and  
> it's going to need an overhaul. It was very apparent from my last  
> round of travels that in many cases especially when snapshots are  
> used there are severe problems. I think we underestimated the use  
> snapshots and how prevalent their use would be for external  
> dependencies.

Ya, maybe... I think almost everyone is using them for development,  
and most people who are working with other groups to get changes made  
are pulling in those snapshots.

This appears to be the recommended way to handle these types of  
dependencies which change rapidly using Maven.  IMO its lossy and  
harmful in many cases... and that is why I prefer using source repos  
to handle this, so that I can always get a snapshot of the source  
code, build it and integration.  I believe mvn's snapshot's are  
really only a convenience for folks that don't want to build a bunch  
of stuff, but are willing to live with the possibility that they are  
not using the latest version of the codebase.

But, personally... and specifically for build automation, I would  
much rather work directly from source code so that I was 100% sure  
what was getting pulled in, and have a changelog to correlate with.   
And... well, currently Maven does more to get in the way to implement  
that solution than it does to help get there.

>> This is because if I remove all org.apache.geronimo.modules  
>> artifacts from my local repo and build the corresponding part of  
>> geronimo, if I build online I usually get errors together with  
>> downloaded timestamped artifacts whereas if I build offline the  
>> build succeeds.
> Yup, that's a patch we applied for Jason to provide a stopgap  
> solution. Where no snapshots will be updated when building.

Ya, thanks by the way.  Not sure when I will actually get to be able  
to use that though... I don't think I want to recommend that anyone  
use an pre-release of Maven to get around issues with the current  

>> Note carefully that I am only building geronimo artifacts and  
>> there is no change whatsoever in non-geronimo artifacts in my  
>> local repo.  I think nearly every time we've made a change  
>> involving more than one module since we started using m2 and  
>> pushing snapshots to the snapshot repo we've had user complaints  
>> that the build is broken, and the solution always is to build  
>> offline.
> Snapshots are an inherit instability but there are definitely error  
> in working with snapshots in maven-artifact and it's bad. I see it  
> as the most critical problem with 2.0.x. But moving toward using  
> less of them even if that's locking to some timestamped versions  
> will help greatly.

Timestampped versions cause enough problems by themselves... and I  
don't recommend using them directly.

The thing is that... we need to have a simple mechanism to easily  
pick up changes made by other dependency projects with out needing  
them to make a release and/or changing our poms to pick up new bits.   
It would be a PITA if everytime a change was made to OpenEJB to  
support Geronimo that they had to make a release and we had to modify  
poms to use a new version.  That could potentially happen 3 or 4  
times a day, if not more.

SNAPSHOTS here are very useful for developers who don't want to  
checkout everything and build it, who are willing to assume some risk  
of strange build failures due to slop.

>> Your complaints about any already released geronimo artifacts are  
>> totally irrelevant  unless you want to recommend we move back to  
>> m1 since the 1.2-beta and 2.0-M1 are the first releases we've  
>> tried to do with m2 (except for specs, which got messed up in  
>> various other ways but have not been a giant problem until recently).
> With m1 or m2 a release with snapshots is deadly. The practice  
> seems to be something present regardless of what version of Maven  
> you're using. The concept of a SNAPSHOT is the same in both  
> versions though implemented differently.
> Even in the face of the instability with SNAPSHOT handling in m2 I  
> think you can eliminate a lot of it by getting off many of your  
> SNAPSHOTs and I am trying to get out 2.0.5 which now contains a fix  
> that always takes SNAPSHOTs locally if you have them.

I agree... best to limit which SNAPSHOTS are used... BUT, its really  
not that easy to just go and get a project to make a release so that  
you can move forward.  So I think that there will always be SNAPSHOTS  
used in this manner.


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