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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject [DISCUSS] G 2.0 M1 Content
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 18:21:34 GMT
Given that we haven't created milestone releases for a while I wanted  
to make sure that we had all the bases covered for G 2.0-M1.  Here is  
a list of things that I can think of and would like other's input on  
what is required.

Should we use M<N>
Jason posted in another thread about how M<n> (I assume you were  
referring to Milestones) might be confusing for post 1.0 releases.  I  
don't think its confusing as it represents a simple point in time  
reference of a work in progress but not a full implementation (I  
think that build would more appropriately be a beta).  Alpha release  
might be appropriate but I'm good with milestone.  Other thoughts?

Need the normal release notes to identify what works and what  
doesn't.  I was talking to Sachin and he indicated that WTP would  
barf on most of the Java EE 5.0 stuff so that is a reasonable thing  
to post here.  Also, a description of what is included and not would  
make sense as well.

At this point M1 would contain:

Java 1.5 as the base JDK
Tomcat and Jetty for Servlet 2.5, JSP 2.1 and Debugging support.
JTA 1.1
JSF (depending on where the MyFaces folks are at)
JSTL (I think Joe was working on this)

Once we get this together and we can run Daytrader 2.0-SNAPSHOT on it  
I think we have a content ready milestone.

This is less important than the content.  I suggested 12/22 since its  
the Friday before the Christmas holiday.  Personally it would feel  
good to know we packaged up something and finished it this year  
towards 2.0.  There is a lot of small stuff we already have thats  
almost done.  We've been discussing release early and often so the  
date is more of an artificial stake in the sand.  If we don't get the  
work done then we don't ship.  It largely depends on completing what  
goes into M1 rather than the date.

My personal pattern is to wait until the last minute to get something  
done.  I've done it through grade school, college and  
professionally.  A date motivates me more than a function as I can  
polish things forever or put off the simple things until the last  
minute (just ask my wife about the pictures that have been waiting to  
be hung for months ;-P )

I think the other responses in the status thread are positive to make  
this happen so hopefully this thread will help flush out the content.

Matt Hogstrom

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