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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Release process change
Date Fri, 22 Dec 2006 02:11:18 GMT
David brought up a proposed change to the release process around some  
specs that he is currently working through.  As you all know the  
release process has been a challenge for quite some time.  Branching,  
building, voting, building, voting, building voting, etc.  Which is  
quite time consuming.  It may be that we've gone too far in the  
release process in terms of how were structured.  We need a better  
way that ensures we are releasing good binaries in terms of code  
quality as well as meeting the legal requirements.  I think David's  
suggestion is a step in the right direction.

We elect someone to be the release manager which in essence empowers  
them to follow through the process of getting software out the door.   
In David's proposal (currently for specs and this is a great starting  
point) is to propose a release and use Maven to release:prepare /  
release:perform to create the final binaries and place them into the  
Maven repo.

In essence, the release manager (or whoever is working to release  
some component) indicates their desire and points to the branch to be  
released.  This effectively defines the content of the release.   
Folks on the project would then build from that branch and satisfy  
themselves that they are satisfied with the content and vote.  The  
release manager would then release using the Maven plugin and be  
responsible for the actual distribution.

Based on the way we can release with Maven 2 we are significantly  
closer to release early / release often.

The content of the vote would be something like

Vote:  Allow individual modules to be released based on source  
content in SVN as indicated by the release manager and use Maven to  
produce and release the appropriate artifacts.

I'd like to leave this open for discussion through next Friday and  
bring this up for a vote first week in January.  This discussion  
thread is the place to get ideas on the table.  I suspect that this  
will not garner 100% support so this vote will be a majority  
consensus.  Remember, we can always change things later if they  
aren't working out.

If you like the proposal as is just simply give a +1 so people can  
know your opinion.  Its not a vote in this thread but simply a quick  
determination of opinion.

For those who haven't released before, this will really simplify the  
process and make it less tedious and allow more people to be involved.

Matt Hogstrom

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