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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Builds in limbo during voting cycle
Date Sat, 16 Dec 2006 01:11:24 GMT
Why is it that when we go through a voting cycle that builds are left  
in limbo?

For example, to build server 1.2 at the moment, users need to also  
know that they must build genesis 1.1 from its tag, openejb from its  
tag, and then a handful of specs, from each of their respective  
tags.  I don't even know which tag is actually needed for each of the  
damn specs, so I have to go hunt down what version is actually being  
used, then check out each tag one by one...

or I have to hack the pom to add the "staged" repos, which is equally  
worse has to build as tag I have to change its source?!?!  and IMO  
that is just unacceptable.

I would much rather check out everything that is needed from the tag  
and build... though that brings me right back to this mess with per- 
module versioned specs.  Its a nightmare to find the right tags,  
check them out and build them.  The entire process would be  
dramatically easier if there was on tag for the specs to be checked  
out and built... and that is for manual or automated.

IMO these projects, and their branches should always be buildable, at  
any time, with out making changes to sources... and we need to be  
able to setup an automation process to help ensure that they always  
remain buildable.  It should be possible to setup an automated build  
for release branches/tags during the voting phase, and even more so,  
it should be possible to setup the automated system to actually  
handle cutting that release.

BUT... to get to that point with the tools which we have decided to  
use, we need to adhere to a few restrictions which simplify the  
entire matter... which I don't think that many of you have even  
thought about.

maybe the community does not want stable builds?  maybe the community  
does not want to have durable builds?  maybe the community does not  
want to have an automated system to ensure build consistency?

maybe I am just wasting my time?


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