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From Ryan Senior <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Architecture Documentation
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2006 05:01:45 GMT
Hi Hernan,

No problem on changing the names, I just did that.  I have also added 
the {scrollbar} macro to it.

I tried switching to the children macro and the only problem seems to be 
that the Introduction is listed after the diagrams and the GBeans 
section.  Do I have the ability change the order of the children pages?



Hernan Cunico wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
> The Architecture doc is looking great, thanks for your contributions.
> I do have some "Confluence" related comments that will help with the 
> entire Geronimo spaces integration.
> For example.
> In that page you are using Alias for each page link
> [Introduction|ArchitectureIntroduction]
> [GBeans|ArchitectureGBeans]
> [Geronimo Kernel|Geronimo Kernel]
> [Module View|GeronimoModuleView]
> [Deployment Subsystem|DeploymentSubsystem]
> I would suggest you create the page with the final title, for example
> Architecture Introduction
> GBeans Architecture
> Geronimo Kernel
> Geronimo Module View
> Deployment Subsystem
> Don't worry about the blanks in the title, Confluence can manage these 
> and what's even better, the autoexport plugin does even a better job. 
> Using the "final" name in the page title instead of an alias has some 
> additional benefits, specially for automatically built TOCs. See 
> as an example 
> for automatically built TOC.
> Another tip, all across the doc we are using the macro {scrollbar} 
> (although the GMOxDEV is not the best example), this macro helps the 
> back and forth navigation across similar topics grouped under the same 
> parent page.
> Nice doc !!!
> Cheers!
> Hernan

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