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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: Dallas JUG
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2006 21:02:38 GMT

Great input. I just finished here at Javapolis and I will give my recap
when I get back to the States.

Funny you mention the questions you did...the top 2 questions I had were:

1) OSGI and Geronimo and it's direction.
2) Performance data against other app servers ;-)

I am getting these same questions everywhere I go.  Sounds like we have
our community serving up some requirements.


Paul McMahan wrote:
> Hey folks, here's a recap of the Dallas JUG I presented at on 12/13.
> The meeting was hosted at Sun's offices in Dallas, TX.  IBM hooked us
> up with pizza, t-shirts and a copy of Jeff and Bruce's excellent
> Geronimo book.  The presentation focused on an overview and history of
> Geronimo as an ASF project, gbeans, plugins, how to download/install
> geronimo, how to build it using maven, using the admin console, and
> the eclipse tooling.  They told me that Jeremy Boynes had presented to
> them last year so I had a tough act to follow :-)
> There were about 40 people in attendance and this was a very smart
> crowd.  They already understood J2EE, open source, eclipse, tomcat,
> etc. very well and easily soaked in all I had to say.  Several had
> already used Geronimo and had good things to say about it, like "I
> downloaded geronimo, deployed my app, and was up and running in
> minutes. I plan to stick with it!".  There was also a good amount of
> expertise with Spring and they were very interested in finding out
> more about XBean.
> There were several questions about how open source is done at Apache
> and how it is supported by the industry.  One question I couldn't
> answer is why doesn't WAS CE support 64-bit arch (?). They also asked
> about Geronimo supporting OSGI and I said that's on the bubble for
> 2.0.  After the meeting I met several people who had used Geronimo,
> were pleased with it, and wanted to find out more.
> I owe one person from the JUG some follow-up info and I'm hoping
> someone can help me out.  Does Geronimo have any performance data
> that's available to the public?
> Best wishes,
> Paul

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