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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Geronimo Architecture Documentation
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2006 19:10:35 GMT
Hi Ryan,
The Architecture doc is looking great, thanks for your contributions.

I do have some "Confluence" related comments that will help with the entire Geronimo spaces

For example.

In that page you are using Alias for each page link

[Geronimo Kernel|Geronimo Kernel]
[Module View|GeronimoModuleView]
[Deployment Subsystem|DeploymentSubsystem]

I would suggest you create the page with the final title, for example

Architecture Introduction
GBeans Architecture
Geronimo Kernel
Geronimo Module View
Deployment Subsystem

Don't worry about the blanks in the title, Confluence can manage these and what's even better,
the autoexport plugin does even a better job. Using the "final" name in the page title instead
of an alias has some additional benefits, specially for automatically built TOCs. See
as an example for automatically built TOC.

Another tip, all across the doc we are using the macro {scrollbar} (although the GMOxDEV is
not the best example), this macro helps the back and forth navigation across similar topics
grouped under the same parent page.

Nice doc !!!


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