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From "Christopher M. Cardona" <>
Subject Re: Fixing javamail (again)
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2006 11:10:26 GMT
Thanks Rick. Checked in the changes to:
- trunk: rev. 486492
- branches/2.0-M1: 486577

Rick McGuire wrote:
> Christopher M. Cardona wrote:
>> I would like to do the same change for trunk. Anybody got 
>> issues/concerns/objections to this?
> There's an open JIRA for doing this that's marked as a "wish item".
> I'd say go for it.
> Rick
>> Best wishes,
>> chris
>> Rick McGuire wrote:
>>> There have been 3 javamail questions on the user list in recent 
>>> weeks about how to resolve a NoSuchProviderException trying to use 
>>> SMTP.  These problems all had the same root cause, having the 
>>> javax.mail and the provider implementations in separate jar files.  
>>> It's not obvious to most people that the dependency requirement 
>>> exists and occasionally, even adding the dependency doesn't fix the 
>>> problem.  There was a recent problem of trying to use javamail from 
>>> a Quartz job class where it was necessary to explicitly set the 
>>> context classloader before requesting a transport instance to ensure 
>>> the correct class loader was getting used.  This was a situation 
>>> that could not occur with the Sun javamail implementation because 
>>> the api code and the providers are contained in the same jar file.
>>> This problem can be easily corrected if we just switched the 
>>> references to the javamail spec file to the 
>>> geronimo-javamail_1.3_mail uber jar that contains the merged spec 
>>> and provider classes.  More and more users are tripping over this 
>>> problem, which can be very easily corrected.  Are there any 
>>> objections to making this change in 1.2?
>>> Rick

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