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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject WARNING ... delete & rename of Jetty items in trunk
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2006 17:42:22 GMT

In a short while (probably in about 3 hours or so), I plan to delete the 
  and rename several Jetty items in Geronimo.  This is because we are no 
longer supporting the j2ee assembly in trunk which IIUC is now devoted 
to JavaEE5.  There are also a few loose ends for the Jetty JavaEE5 
assembly that need to be finished off and this will make it easier. 
Here's what I plan to do (if there are no objections):

- geronimo/server/trunk/modules/geronimo-jetty/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/modules/geronimo-jetty-builder/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/modules/geronimo-jetty-clustering-wadi/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/configs/jetty/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/configs/jetty-clustering-builder-wadi/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/configs/jetty-clustering-wadi/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/configs/jetty-deployer/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/configs/dojo-jetty/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/configs/uddi-jetty/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/configs/webconsole-jetty/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/configs/jetty/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/assemblies/geronimo-jetty-j2ee/*

Rework/rename/etc... as necessary for Jetty6
- geronimo/server/trunk/configs/welcome-jetty/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/configs/remote-deploy-jetty/*
- geronimo/server/trunk/configs/ca-helper-jetty/
- geronimo/server/trunk/assemblies/geronimo-jetty-minimal/*

There will still be some more potential cleanup:
- Removing the geronimo-boilderplate-j2ee and including content in 
geronimo-boilerplate-jee5?  We could keep the j2ee one around but I'm 
not sure there is much value.  thoughts?


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