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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Jetty 6 and JSP 2.1 support
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 21:01:20 GMT

Jetty 6 as currently integrated in trunk is still using the JSP  2.0 
support from jasper (tomcat 5.5.15).   To support jetty for the 2.0-M1 
milestone we will need a JSP 2.1 implementation.  I half thought about 
just shipping with the jsp 2.0 for jetty in 2.0-M1 but the console and 
other jsp apps. will break when I update the assemblies to include JSTL 
1.2 from glassfish which requires a JSP 2.1 implementation.

There are a few choices here (details below):
1) Use the JSP supported provided by jetty.
2) Use jasper from tomcat 6
3) Don't deliver jetty with 2.0-M1

1)  I gate the JSP support in jetty a try.  AFAIK, jetty is actually 
picking up modules from glassfish and repackaging these in their build 
(can anybody confirm or deny this?).
I may have a few things wrong but my initial attempt to use the jsp 2.1 
jars delivered by jetty didn't go well.   You can see the stack traces 
in the attached file.  I haven't dug into the method errors yet and I'm 
not sure if it is worth the effort (see #2).

2)  I'm about to try using the new jasper with jetty.  It seems like the 
web console works fine with the jsp 2.0 support provided by jasper.  I 
think that it should equally do fine with the jsp 2.1 support from 
jasper.  I like this approach because it has worked in the past and 
gives us some consistency between jetty and tomcat.  If it works then 
that pretty much settles it for me for the 2.0-M1 delivery.  However, 
longer term I'm concerned because it diverges from the path that jetty 
has taken which means we may be in for problems down the road even if 
things work fine now.  Does anybody know if the current jetty approach 
is a long-term decision or just a temporary one based upon the lack of 
jasper 2.1 support when they needed it?

3)  It is certainly the easiest approach to only deliver tomcat for 
2.0-M1.   I'm not sure how others feel about it.  I don't want to open 
the whole "multiple-container" can of worms ... but it sure does 
complicate things trying to support both tomcat and jetty.

Please let me know your thoughts.


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