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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: DConfigBean Confusion
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 03:23:27 GMT
Hi David, I spent a lot of time looking at all the various module and configuration builders
when I 
was getting Sachin's new deployable module interface to work with the Release 1.1.1 source
code. I 
ran into similar problems and/or questions with many of the builders because it is so difficult
figure out who is doing what when and why. The best way that I could figure out what was going
during runtime was to capture JProbe traces for many of the deployment scenarios and look
the call traces (our logging/trace capability should really provide this level of information,
unfortunately it does not). I saved some of them and an example snapshot is attached if you
interested (you can see that ConnectorModuleBuilder is getting invoked numerous times I believe
the FastMethodInvoker.invoke() method). That really doesn't help answer your first question
than the fact that it's getting invoked--whether it's working correctly is another story)
but if 
you'd like for me to get some new snapshots for some new console and CLI deployment scenarios
I'd be 
glad to and it might help clear up some of this confusion. I know it was very confusing for
me to 
look through the code and attempt to figure it out. Thanks

David Jencks wrote:
> I'm trying to straighten out some classpath problems with the deployment 
> code and dconfigbeans and am pretty confused about some of the code.
> The main thing I'm confused about is that in the 
> geronimo-connector-builder module there seem to be two partial sets of 
> DConfigBeans, in dconfigbean and in jsr88.  There's some overlap... and 
> a bunch of big differences.  It looks to me as if the console is using 
> the stuff in jsr88 to build connector plans.
> Does anyone know what is going on here and which is more correct?  Does 
> the connector 1.0 stuff in dconfigbean work?  I think we should try to 
> get all these consistent and in one directory.  It would also be great 
> to have the console support deploying connector 1.0 rars.... there's at 
> least one (jaybird) that is only available as a 1.0 connector.
> ---------------------
> There's another longstanding problem with dconfigbeans which is that 
> they've never been able to work from any reasonable standalone 
> situation, such as the spec scenario where you get them from a 
> DeploymentManager.createConfiguration call since you'd need a large 
> fraction of the geronimo server on the classpath to make it work.  I 
> think that any solution for this is going to have to use the geronimo 
> repository since thats where the zillion jars needed are and are likely 
> to stay.  So, I think we have to start a kernel and load a configuration 
> and have the Configurers register  with something that the 
> DeploymentManagers can get at.
> Anyone have a better idea?
> thanks
> david jencks

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