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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] G 2.0 M1 Content
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 20:49:24 GMT

Matt Hogstrom wrote:

> Should we use M<N>
> ------------------
> Jason posted in another thread about how M<n> (I assume you were  
> referring to Milestones) might be confusing for post 1.0 releases.  I  
> don't think its confusing as it represents a simple point in time  
> reference of a work in progress but not a full implementation (I  think 
> that build would more appropriately be a beta).  Alpha release  might be 
> appropriate but I'm good with milestone.  Other thoughts?

I find milestone more helpful than alpha or beta which I typically think 
of as being mostly function complete releases (which is not true for 
this initial delivery).

> Documentation
> -------------
> Need the normal release notes to identify what works and what  doesn't.  
> I was talking to Sachin and he indicated that WTP would  barf on most of 
> the Java EE 5.0 stuff so that is a reasonable thing  to post here.  
> Also, a description of what is included and not would  make sense as well.
> Content
> -------
> At this point M1 would contain:
> Java 1.5 as the base JDK
> Tomcat and Jetty for Servlet 2.5, JSP 2.1 and Debugging support.
> JTA 1.1
> JSF (depending on where the MyFaces folks are at)
> JSTL (I think Joe was working on this)

Yes, as I mentioned on earlier appends I believe including JSTL 1.2 is 
just a matter of including the library (which I'm still planning to pull 
from Glassfish based on the recommendation from the jakarta team).

JSTL has pre-req on JSP 2.1
-  Jetty 6 we have now is still using jsp 2.0 from jasper. I'm trying to 
get my local build to use the jsp-2.1 that is produced by Jetty 6 (which 
I think also includes Glassfish parts IIUC).
-  Tomcat 6 - It looks like Paul is covering JSP 2.1 with his work.

If I get one of the containers working with JSP 2.1 then I can verify if 
the JSTL is just a matter of dropping in the jar.


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