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From Hernan Cunico <>
Subject Re: SNAPSHOT - Revision #
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 14:55:18 GMT
Once again Kevan beat me on the reply ( man, don't you stop for dinner !? ;-)  )

Jason, I don't get why you think this is so bad. I'm talking about tweaking my local copy
so I can make the doc look closer to the final Geronimo release. If some areas change later
on, that's fine, I'm expecting so. But that would be just a very few areas, or you think the
whole console and commands will change from now on until the final cut is released?

In addition, there are some already reported bugs in the console and I will have to revisit
those areas either way. I'm just trying to keep the "revisiting" to a minimum and save some

This is what I originally asked help for.

is there a way I could locally get rid of the SNAPSHOT or the revision number?
It will really save me a lot of time with the Geronimo v1.2 documentation. 

If there is no way to do it locally due to external dependencies, then fine, I can't, end
of story. I'll need to find another way to get a similar result.

With that said, I'm about try Kevan's suggestion on tweaking the pom.xml and see how it goes.


Kevan Miller wrote:
> On Dec 4, 2006, at 4:56 PM, Jason Dillon wrote:
>> is this all for web console shots?  If so, then update the console to 
>> make that configurable.
>> But if its for build shorts, like capturing what mvn spits out, then I 
>> think that its be a very bad idea to change the project version just 
>> for a screen shot.
>> Actually I think its a waste of time to even bother with the property 
>> thing, but if its low impact, and does not add any more 
>> burden/overhead for the normal build/release, then I think its fine.
> Jason,
> Hernan wants to create 1.2 documentation. He wants that documentation to 
> be as close to the the actual user experience as he can. I think that is 
> *fantastic*. And I think we could give him a bit of support in his efforts.
> Here's how it could work:
> 1) Hernan could make a private update to his pom.xml and build a preview 
> of 1.2. There may be a few stumbling blocks, here. Hard-coded versions, 
> OpenEJB dependencies, etc.
> 2) Hernan uses this preview build to generate reasonably accurate 
> screenshots. No code is checked into svn. No artifacts are deployed to 
> maven repos.
> I assume that Hernan's m2 repo/build environment will not build 
> 1.2-SNAPSHOT properly after that. So, when Hernan is done, he wipes out 
> his build tree and maven repo (or geronimo sections of his repo) and 
> reverts back to 1.2-SNAPSHOT.
> What's so bad about all that?
> I'm certainly willing to lend Hernan a hand to get his environment up 
> and running. I would hope that others involved with the 1.2 release 
> might actually want to help him out too...
> --kevan

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