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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: Geronimo 2.0 Milestone's and how were doing
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 02:55:20 GMT

Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> While ripping out drywall this weekend I was thinking about our  
> Geronimo 2.0 and all the work that needs to get done to complete this  
> monsterous effort.   While sifting through the scorecard and thinking  
> about all the different things that need to be addressed it became a  
> bit overwhelming.  As everyone knows many different projects are  
> working on their implementations of Java EE 5.0.  Some are available  
> and others are works in progress (as is ours).  It seems that from  user 
> perspective people are really interested in the Java EE and have  been 
> asking for several months about where we are.  At this point it  would 
> be nice to give them an idea of what we're thinking about.
> I had previously put out a set of milestones and dates.  I wanted to  
> make it a little more formal and of course with all the caveats that  
> this is open source and our timetables are subject to people's time  and 
> contribution.
> With that, here is an updated timeline and some graphic  representations 
> that represent the Java EE specifications that need  to be completed 
> from a high level.
> I think it was Dain that used the term table stakes when referring to  
> the specification.  Meaning that we need the spec related  functionality 
> to get in the game but innovations beyond the  specification were 
> necessary to make a bigger splash.  I don't  capture those here but I'll 
> work on pulling that together as well.
> Take a look at and  
> provide your thoughts on how were doing.
> If we are going to make a Dec 22 Beta 1 then we would have to cut  
> sometime in the next week and a half.
> What do y'all think?

I think it is very ambitious and high risk (esp. the Dec. 22 
beta/milestone)  ... but I also agree that it's critical for us to 
support Java EE 5 as quickly as possible.

"Table stakes" is a good analogy.  We need to support Java EE 5 before 
we can even be considered in most shops doing new development.  These 
target dates and driver content will put us in good position to deliver 
along with some and ahead of other choices.  Achieving them will ensure 
that we continue to build on the momentum Geronimo has already gained.

These goals also help to unify the community and provide important 
direction to users that we are seriously moving toward Java EE 5.

So I think it's good in several ways .... but I better stop typing and 
get busy!  ;-)


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