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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject DayTrader failures on 1.2 for SLSB JDBC Mode
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2006 04:58:57 GMT

I've incorporated a few of the patches which included the new Session  
JDBC work as well as the new table creation code from Piyush.  I was  
getting some errors in deploying the application from trunk and had  
to add a few business nethods to the TradeBean class.  Chris, did you  
deploy your changes on Geronimo?  I'm wondering if there is some  
oddness in the way I applied the patch or in Geronimo.

also, I'm getting errors in EJB mode and JPA mode I'm debugging.   
Before I go too far down the rat hole it would be comforting to know  
you looked at trunk and the problems are mine and not some  
misapplication of the patch.  In the interim I'll continue to debug.

It looks like were missing the business methods from:

+       public OrderDataBean completeOrderOnePhase(Integer orderID)  
throws Exception, RemoteException {

+       public void cancelOrderOnePhase(Integer orderID) throws  
Exception, RemoteException {

+       public double investmentReturn(double investment, double  
NetValue) throws Exception {

+       public void publishQuotePriceChange(QuoteDataBean quoteData,  
java.math.BigDecimal oldPrice, java.math.BigDecimal changeFactor,   
double sharesTraded) throws Exception {

Did I miss something?

Matt Hogstrom

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