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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: 1.2 Beta Tasks
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2006 21:44:45 GMT

On Dec 7, 2006, at 1:32 PM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> We only have a few remaining optional and required tasks before we  
> can cut the 1.2 beta :D
> -----------------------
> We have 60 JIRAs assigned to 1.2.  Please review the issues  
> assigned to you, and if you do not plan on fixing them in the next  
> say 7 days move out of 1.2.  Those with JIRAs remaining [1] at the  
> end of the release will be shamed :)

I'll have a look at my Jira's.

> Other Tasks
> -----------
> Normally legal is the biggest problem, and Kevan has done a  
> wonderful in this area.  FWIU, the only remaining legal issue is  
> the presence Sun schemas and dtds in the servlet and jsp spec jars,  
> and Kevan is working to find out if they are a real problem.  Any  
> thing else I missed Kevan?

Tomcat distributions contain the same xsd's/dtd's that our specs  
contain. I've sent a note to dev@tomcat concerning their rights to  
redistribute the files. Initial response was that their use is  
covered by  original donation of Tomcat by Sun to the ASF. I don't  
have access to the Foundation documents that describe the donation.  
So, I have no way of verifying this...

Tomcat has placed an ASF license header on these schemas. But they  
also contain the Sun copyright and license restrictions. If I don't  
hear back from the Tomcat crowd, soon. I guess I'll follow up on  

> We have a few remaining SNAPSHOTS dependencies in the tree [2].   
> OpenEJB and Yoko are still being worked on for this release so a  
> SNAPSHOT dependency is fine.  ActiveIO and OpenJPA have released  
> versions for the code we are using and I will work to replace this  
> today.  Matt promised me a release of TranQL for this release, and  
> I am hoping to get this today.

Since OpenEJB has never been through the incubator process, I'm not  
so sure about shipping a snapshot. I don't think incubator would be  
too happy about that. I have some updates to openejb (to help get it  
ready for a release) which I hope to commit soon. I've sent a note to  
dev@openejb about getting openejb release ready... Hmm. I see that  
Yoko's M1 release vote is still running


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