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From "Vamsavardhana Reddy" <>
Subject Re: Exception Handling in Console
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 08:07:10 GMT
Hi Rakesh,

Even I noticed this lack of error reporting in console.  So, I tried to make
it some what better in the newly added CA Portlet.  We definitely need
something uniform across all the portlets.  Why don't you create a JIRA for


On 12/1/06, Rakesh Midha <> wrote:
> Hello
> In case I get any exception or error condition in Console, the nothing is
> printed on web console and huge stack trace is printed on server console.
> Only thing done in the name of Exception handling in all the portlets is
> "throw PortletException"
> I somehow don't like this behavior of console. As a console user I don't
> want to go and see server stacktrace, if there is some error I should
> atleast be informed in console. I think everytime there is a error or
> exception in console, it should be printed in either exception page in
> webconsole, or in header of portlet view page. This is done to some extent
> in configManager and CA part of console. But not in uniform way.
> This is what I am proposing for Exception handling in console :
> 1. Create a which extends PortletException, this
> class will have overridden printStackTrace(PrintWriter), which will set
> attribute required in _ConsoleException.jsp apart from printing the stack on
> PrintWriter.
> 2. Create _ConsoleException.jsp which should be included in all portlet,
> this jsp will be responsible to print a short message and long stack trace.
> (with a toggle button to view and hide long stack trace)
> 3. All Portlet classes should throw ConsoleException instead of
> PortletException
> I think this will be nice and cleaner way to handle the console problems.
> I am working on to
> solve the same problem in deploy new app portlet. Once don't I will supply
> the patch and open another JIRA to do this activity for all the portlets.
> Please let me know if I am thinking right or missing something. Your views
> and comments will be appreciated.
> Thanks
> Rakesh

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