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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r485477 - /geronimo/server/trunk/pom.xml
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2006 02:37:30 GMT
On 12/11/06, Jason Dillon <> wrote:
> I'm talking about the g-m-p assembly id, which is a terse alias to an
> assembly configuration.  That has *nothing* to do with artifactId's
> as that thread was talking about.  Assembly id's are not artifactId's
> and the fact that people having been changing the assembly ids based
> on the discussion you note above is a mistake.
> I'm not trying to point out any one in particular as making this
> mistake, just that it was done and that it should be reverted for the
> sake of the projects ongoing build configuration simplicity.

OK I'm coming to the realization that I for one have a lot more to
learn about the terminology and the relationships between certain
concepts in maven.  So please continue to watch scm for any missteps
and (if you have any patience left :-) advise how to straighten them

Best wishes,

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