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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject Re: Geronimo 2.0 Milestone's and how were doing
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 18:21:13 GMT
On 12/5/06, Kevan Miller <> wrote:
> Paul, Tomcat integration might have the most work to do for M1. How
> is that looking?

I have the JSP 2.1 and EL 1.0 specs checked in and published to the
snapshot repo, reversioned to 1.0-SNAPSHOT this morning per Jason's
advice.  The annotation 1.0 and servlet 2.5 specs were already
available thanks to Joe and Greg.  In my local build I have tc6
running the web console OK in a new tomcat-jee5 assembly and the
default app in the tomcat-minimal assembly.  Deploying a simple 2.4
WAR from the CLI works.  I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to
commit this first stage of tomcat integration this week.

Current issues:

Deploying 2.5 servlets
While tc6 deploys and runs 2.4 WARs ok I haven't tried deploying a 2.5
WAR yet.  All the webapps  in the tc6 dist use 2.4 so I really hope
I'm not the first one trying this :-S  I googled up some JEE5 servlet
samples but they are tightly coupled with other new JEE5 stuff like
JPA, EJB 3.0, etc, so I need something simpler.  I'll probably end up
adding some 2.5 content to our unit test cases and cross my fingers.
Worst case scenario is that for M1 we'll have a 2.5 servlet engine
that you can only deploy <=2.4. servlets to.

Failing unit test-
A unit tests in geronimo-tomcat fails intermittently apparently due to
a change in how tc6 handles connections.  Still investigating if its a
bug in geronimo, tomcat or the unit test.  For the initial checkin I
may need to disable the unit test.

Noise factor-
Shutdown of the JEE5 assemblies generates a huge stack trace.  Looks
like tranql/derby is the culpirt and not tomcat but I'm not 100% sure.
 I'll probably have to commit while the stack trace still appears so
others can have a look.  Also I need to figure out how to avoid
logging tomcat's INFO messages to the command window.  Its really
noisy right now.

Best wishes,

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