I have looked at all the files modified in the revision 389206.  All the functionality from that revision is intact in trunk and branches\1.2.  That revision is no longer relevant and all_changes.log can now be removed.


On 11/28/06, Kevan Miller <> wrote:

On Nov 18, 2006, at 2:41 AM, Jason Dillon wrote:

> Is anyone gonna look at this?
> I'd really like to nuke this branch and the all_changes.log (and
> Lets not go another week with this unresolved... plz.
> --jason
> On Nov 9, 2006, at 1:12 PM, Paul McMahan wrote:
>> I went thru all_changes.log and for each remaining item marked "Not
>> Merged" I verified that it is either already in trunk or is
>> unnecessary.  I marked r389206 as merged because I think all the
>> parts
>> that trunk needs are there but if someone has a min could you please
>> double check it?

Looks like you recently hit a lot of the files that 389206 updated.
Perhaps you could have a look to verify everything looks good?