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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Re: Testsuite ready for action !
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 23:04:48 GMT
The ejbcontainer-testsuite is now in testsuite. However, it is
commented out in the testsuite/pom.xml until OpenEJB2 builds against
geronimo 2.0-SNAPSHOT and the itest jars get deployed. You can play
with this by building openejb2 locally.

1) The tests run against the beans in openejb-itests-core jar archive.
This jar archive contains 3 of the 4 cmp2 plans and DDs that have been
merged with the core plan and DD. Merging cmp2-prefetch plan and DD
causes the jar to fail during startup. See

2) The tests fail with the following exception -

P.S: is the renamed adaptation of in OpenEJB3.

I need someone with an OpenEJB expertise to get this fixed please.


On 11/20/06, Prasad Kashyap <> wrote:
> The testsuite sub-project, a child module of geronimo/pom.xml, has now
> been hooked up to the main Geronimo build in trunk (2.0-SNAPSHOT).
> Environment property, -Denv=itests, activates that profile.
> $>cd geronimo_src_home
> $>mvn -Denv=itests
> You can read all about it here
> For now it contains 2 testsuites -
> 1) console-testsuite. This is an example of starting selenium server
> and using selenium to perform GUI tests with browser. Also serves as
> an example for using testng testcases (
> 2) deployment-testsuite. This is an example for deploying/undeploying modules.
> To create your own testsuite, you may either
> - use these examples as templates.
> - use testsuite-archetype-plugin. This creates an empty testsuite with
> no tests but will just start and stop server. Simply drop your tests
> here and they will execute in between.
> Issues:
> ----------
> 1) since the binary is still in JDK14 whereas the build requires
> JDK15, the server that the testsuite tries to start fails. The
> workaround is to install and start the server before running the
> testsuite. It finds the running instance of the server and continues.
> 2) tests in console-testsuites are broken.
> (
> But the framework itself can be successfully used by using junit
> tests. Proof: deployment-testsuite works successfully.
> ----------
> 1) ejbcontainer-testsuite is almost ready to be added to the testsuite.
> 2) work on site documentation.
> 3) more and more testsuites for major functional areas of the server.
> 4) hook this with CI builds to mail test results.
> Acknowledgements:
> -----------------------------
> Special thanks to Jason Dillion for helping me commit a lot of this
> stuff in the initial stages and acting as my sounding board.
> Cheers
> Prasad.

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