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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Testsuite ready for action !
Date Mon, 20 Nov 2006 05:49:56 GMT
The testsuite sub-project, a child module of geronimo/pom.xml, has now
been hooked up to the main Geronimo build in trunk (2.0-SNAPSHOT).
Environment property, -Denv=itests, activates that profile.

$>cd geronimo_src_home
$>mvn -Denv=itests

You can read all about it here

For now it contains 2 testsuites -
1) console-testsuite. This is an example of starting selenium server
and using selenium to perform GUI tests with browser. Also serves as
an example for using testng testcases (

2) deployment-testsuite. This is an example for deploying/undeploying modules.

To create your own testsuite, you may either
- use these examples as templates.
- use testsuite-archetype-plugin. This creates an empty testsuite with
no tests but will just start and stop server. Simply drop your tests
here and they will execute in between.

1) since the binary is still in JDK14 whereas the build requires
JDK15, the server that the testsuite tries to start fails. The
workaround is to install and start the server before running the
testsuite. It finds the running instance of the server and continues.

2) tests in console-testsuites are broken.
But the framework itself can be successfully used by using junit
tests. Proof: deployment-testsuite works successfully.

1) ejbcontainer-testsuite is almost ready to be added to the testsuite.
2) work on site documentation.
3) more and more testsuites for major functional areas of the server.
4) hook this with CI builds to mail test results.

Special thanks to Jason Dillion for helping me commit a lot of this
stuff in the initial stages and acting as my sounding board.


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