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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Java EE 5.0
Date Mon, 06 Nov 2006 17:09:30 GMT
There has been some discussion about Java EE 5.0 on the list in terms  
of starting to layer in some of the functionality of Java EE 5.0  
(every time I type that I'm reminded of Jeff Magnusson Jr. :)

I've perused the e-mail lists and was trying to put together our  
current roadmap of what we're working on and some idea of when things  
might be available.  Here is what I've gleaned and I'm hoping that  
people can help correct where I'm wrong and pull together an accurate  
picture of the community's endeavors.

Geronimo 1.2
Location: server/trunk
Release Manager: Dain and Alan
   It will include:
- Yoko ORB support to allow Geronimo to be independent of the  
underlying JVM
- Updated OpenEJB 2.2 which allows for Open JPA to be added as a  
persistence provider
- Global JNDI per user's requests and in support of OpenJPA
- Some miscellaneous enhancements around EJB and persistence to  
improve our ability to run CMPs under load

Status: Undergoing TCK testing, Open JPA validation and other fit and  
finish activities

Outstanding issues: Legal clearance on OpenEJB as it has moved to  
JIRAs currently assigned to this release: 218

Geronimo 1.1.2
Location: server/branches/1.1
Release MAnager: None
There has been some discussion about this release but no one has  
volunteered to be release manager and there is no active work on this  
JIRAs currently assigned to this release: 38

Status: Not active

Geronimo 2.0
Location: miscellaneous
Release Manager: Matt (volunteered)
Destined to be the Java Enterprise Edition 5.0 stream.
Status: Currently work is being done in several places including  
people's local systems, sandbox, etc.  There is no one area  
representing this build.

If I missed anything above please let me know.

As far as 2.0 goes it sounds like there is work in progress here and  
it seems to make sense to define a home for this work.  I expect that  
server/trunk would be destabilizing to the release Dain and Alan are  
working on as it involves Java 1.5 and newer spec levels.  Sandbox  
has worked so far but I think it would help people understand the  
process of we had a place to start incorporating Java EE 5.0 and they  
could grab it and build it.  I think a location in server/branches/ 
javaee5 makes sense as a rallying point.

What do other people think about bringing this the Java EE 5.0 story  
together in that location?  We could follow David's existing  
methodology in sandbox where we build trunk and have an incremental  
build on top of that in branches/javaee5 and it would be visibile to  
others that wanted to start getting involved.  Thoughts?

Matt Hogstrom

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