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From David Jencks <>
Subject RTC PLEASE COMMENT Priority order for starting gbeans.
Date Sun, 05 Nov 2006 08:54:20 GMT

In order for runtime class enhancement for jpa to have any chance of  
working, the persistence provider has to get started before much of  
anything else happens so it can install the bytecode transformer  
before any classes that need enhancement get loaded.

To support this I wrote a priority order loading feature for gbeans,  
see GERONIMO-2541.  This is pretty simple and appears to work fine  
except it will prevent any pre-1.2 configurations from running on 1.2  
servers:  I have to write the priority for each gbeandata in the  
serialized gbeanstate.  I don't know how to fix this: if anyone else  
does please speak up.

Runtime enhancement seems to work ok with this feature for simple  
apps that use ejbs and web apps but there are some situations in  
which I cannot get runtime enhancement to work because the classes  
are loaded when some gbeans are loaded before any gbeans are  
started.  So far this has occurred with web services that use an  
enhanced class as a paramenter: I think that the axis 1 mapping info  
includes seriailzed class instances rather than the names of the  
classes involved.

So, is runtime enhancement for some jpa apps worth breaking backwards  
compatibility for configs?  Can we do something to recognize both old  
and new config formats?  If I don't hear anything against this in a  
few days (about 3) I'm going to go ahead and break backwards  
compatibility and commit this patch..... you are warned.

david jencks

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