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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Branching trunk and creating 1.2
Date Fri, 17 Nov 2006 15:49:33 GMT

We've been talking about moving 1.2 from trunk to a branch while the  
final touches are put on it as well as promoting trunk to 2.0- 
SNAPSHOT and starting the push to Java EE 5.0.

At this point it looks like most of the activity that is underway in  
trunk is complete.  Here is the outstanding issues I'm aware of.

1. Upgrade all the license headers and copyright notices to conform  
to the new ASF guidelines.
2. Need to get some issues with the connectors straightened out.

Also, we're down from 200 JIRAs to 88 and still decreasing :)

When we get these items straightened out I'd like to go ahead and  
make the branch tonight if we're good.

Dain expressed his concerns about drift in the code base and having  
lived through the dead-1.2 branch muck he's spot on.  We need to make  
sure that code doesn't get committed in one place and not another.   
Anyone want to volunteer to be the goat herder?

Any other issues people can think of?

Matt Hogstrom

When the clouds are full they pour the rain out on the earth;
and whether a tree falls to the north, or it falls to the south,
wherever the tree falls, there it lies.

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