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From David Jencks <>
Subject Re: Java EE 5.0
Date Wed, 08 Nov 2006 18:58:56 GMT
I think the debate over what to do about jee 5 is hurrying down a  
path that only compounds and exacerbates many of the problems we have  
now.  I really hope we can step back a little bit and find a way to  
solve more problems than we create and perpetuate.

IIRC the main activities actually postponed until 1.2 are out the  
door are:

- reorganize the build/svn tree so it has a core server bit and a  
bunch of optional bits (I think this is jdillons description)

- reorganize the build to build by plugin (my description of the same  

- make maven  dependencies and geronimo dependencies match (a  
consequence of the preceding reorganization)

- make the console plugin based so each plugin includes a console bit  
to administer it.

- make the users view of the server plugin based.

IMO not solving these problems keeps our build and architecture very  
unpleasant to deal with, and solving most of them should not be very  

IMO we should introduce the jee5 features according to this model.   
Doing so will entirely avoid the need to branch or keep 2 copies of  
any code.

In addition, I think several people have expressed the opinion that  
supporting j2ee 1.4 and jee5 code simultaneously is going to  
introduce some kind of code complexity or difficulty.  I think I've  
been the only person to address this (correct me if I'm wrong) and so  
far the changes I've made for this have been IMO unequivocal  
architectural improvements that have simplified and clarified the  
code base and made it easier to extend and maintain.   They also  
haven't been that difficult.  The main place this is a problem is  
deployment code: it's still a big mess, but its better than it was.   
I think that at this point most of the flexibility we'd need to  
support mixed j2ee 1.4/ jee5 deployments is probably in place, but I  
hope that as we work on more jee5 features we can considerably  
simplify the structure of the deployment components.

To reiterate over and over again, IMO

-- branching is a bad solution to the wrong problem and we should  
work very hard to avoid it
-- supporting various j2ee 1.4- jee5 feature mixes is not hard and  
leads to improved architecture and simpler code.

david jencks

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