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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Remove TranQL, WADI and XBean SNAPSHOTS?
Date Thu, 09 Nov 2006 17:10:19 GMT
I've been looking at the snapshots we have in 1.2 and I'd like to  
switch them to releases as soon as possible.  Right now I think we  
can convert the following to full releases.

I talked to Matt about TranQL yesterday about getting a release, and  
he said that yes development in TranQL was complete for 1.2 and he  
will try to cut a release this weekend or early next week.

Gianny have you finished development of WADI features for 1.2.  If  
yes, can we get a release so we can switch off the SNAPSHOT version?   
Otherwise, when do you expect to be finished?

I'll convert Geronimo to XBean 2.7 today.  David Jencks found a bug  
in the xbean-jndi code yesterday, and if it is still present the 2.7  
release, I work on getting a 2.8 release out ASAP.

Other than that, we still have dependencies on
   activeio 3.0-SNAPSHOT
   activemq 4.1-incubator-SNAPSHOT
   yoko 1.0-incubating-M1-SNAPSHOT
   openejb 2.2-incubating-SNAPSHOT

FWIU, all of these are still under development for the 1.2 release  
(maybe not ActiveIO) and will be converted as we finish those sections.


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