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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r480329 - in /geronimo/server/trunk/configs: ./ client/ j2ee-1.4-specs/ j2ee-1.4-specs/src/ j2ee-1.4-specs/src/plan/ j2ee-server/ rmi-naming/
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2006 20:04:22 GMT

David Jencks wrote:

> We're going to have mixed assemblies for a while until we complete  all 
> the ee 5 bits.  I don't see any value in removing functionality  from 
> our server before we have an ee5 replacement.

Is it possible to have mixed assemblies without changing components that 
are common?  For example, this change made rmi-naming dependent upon the 
1.4 specs.  When we create a jee5 specs do we need to also create 
another jee5 rmi-naming that is dependent upon it rather than the 1.4 

> I kinda like the jetty6 rather than jetty for the modules and configs  
> (jars and modules???)  I'm not thrilled about dropping the jetty5  
> support until it gets in  the way of progress which I don't think it  
> has yet.  For assembly names I think jee5 is more appropriate than  
> j2ee.  Does jee5 show up somewhere else?

So is jetty6 just temporary until we get a working assembly and then at 
that time we would drop jetty5 and rename jetty6 to simply "jetty"?


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