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From Rick McGuire <>
Subject Re: SSL Socket connection for POP3
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 10:13:45 GMT
Jason Warner wrote:
> I've been working on implementing the option to use an ssl connection 
> when establishing a socket for pop3.  I'm having an issue finding a 
> way to determine whether to use the ssl connection or not.  For the 
> SMTPTransport, this is done when the object is instantiated by passing 
> in a boolean value for this.  Is there an easier way to this for the 
> POP3Store rather than tracking down all instances of it and specifying 
> the same boolean value? 
I'm not totally certain I understand your question, so let me just 
explain how that boolean is used with the SMTPTransport class and then 
point you to how Sun does SSL enablement of POP3 in their 
implementation, which appears to be very similar to what has been done 
for SMTPTransport.

There are actually 2 SMTP transport classes that can be configured and 
used:  SMTPTransport and SMTPSTransport.  SMTPSTransport is a subclass 
of the first, and just specifies "true" for the useSSL argument of the 
constructor.  It also uses a different default port an protocol name 
("smtps").  Note that superclass constructor is protected, so only 
available to the subclasses.  That superclass constructor is the only 
difference between the SMTPTransport and the SMTPSTransport class.  So 
the chose of using a secure connection is determined by which transport 
is requested in the application code, not by passing in a boolean.  The 
underlying  SMTPTransport  implements  the SSL support, but it is only 
enabled when the SMTPSTransport is used.

Sun appears to do something very similar with POP3.  There provider set 
includes a POP3Store and a POP3SSLStore.  Here's the javadoc for the 

Since it only appears to have added the single constructor, I'm guessing 
this is very similar to how the SMTPTransport stuff was handled.  The 
store provider name that maps to the POP3SS:LStore class is "pop3s".  
The default port appears to be 995.


> -Jason

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