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From Jeff Genender <>
Subject Re: jspc-maven-plugin
Date Wed, 22 Nov 2006 03:44:25 GMT

Joe Bohn wrote:
> While Tomcat is creating a new version of Jasper it looks like Jetty is
> using Glassfish.  I guess we can use Jasper to compile the JSPs even if
> Glassfish is used to in the runtime.  We could also look into using
> Jasper for both Tomcat and Jetty but since Jetty is already using
> Glassfish I was assuming that we would do the same.

I am not keen on using Glassfish to compile for Tomcat.  I suspect
inconsistencies *may* show.  Since Jetty is using Glassfish components,
it works for them, but for Tomcat, it may not fare so well (different
compile against a different runtime).

I will use the Glassfish as a declaration (i.e. for use with Jetty), but
I would prefer we flag and use Tomcat for Tomcat for the reasons just
stated.  So lets give it a shot, but use Tomcat in the end ;-)

(I think we may have just said the same thing, but I am clarifying).


> Joe
> Jeff Genender wrote:
>> Paul McMahan wrote:
>>> Geronimo 2.0 will be using jetty and tomcat v6 which implement the new
>>> JSP spec.  I think that means that for Geronimo 2.0 we'll need a new
>>> version of the jspc maven plugin that references the tomcat v6
>>> artifacts instead of v5.5.15.  Otherwise I think the plugin would not
>>> be able to compile JSP 2.1.  Does that sound right?
>> Your wish is my command ;-)  I can make the plugin build for both (2.0
>> and 2.1) based on either JVM used, or a profile.
>> I need to know if we will use the Glassfish jars or if Tomcat is
>> coughing one up.
>> Jeff
>>> Best wishes,
>>> Paul
>>> On 11/21/06, Jeff Genender <> wrote:
>>>> 1.4.6 was a major overhaul. I believe the runtime is only needed during
>>>> the compile stage.  So I think you can ditch it.  Although you will
>>>> find
>>>> out real quick if it's still needed ;-)
>>>> Jeff

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