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From Tim McConnell <>
Subject Re: The Drive to Five
Date Thu, 16 Nov 2006 02:24:54 GMT
Hi Matt, very-well articulated. I'm ready and I particularly like the idea of having a separate
branch to 
house the 5.0 code. I have some JSF code and JSR-88 deployment code for 5.0 that is looking
for a good home 
and a dedicated branch (and/or trunk) will mitigate some of the synchronization problems that
I'm having (as 
others have also noted). Thanks


Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> I've been noodling over our Java EE 5.0 release of Geronimo and had some 
> ideas I wanted to share.
> Given that the J2EE space is highly competitive I would love to see us 
> have a Java EE 5.0 implementation out before Java One.  We might not be 
> the first on the block but we'll be in the pack and that will be huge 
> for us in terms of showing we came from behind with J2EE 1.4 a few years 
> late and now were on a par with our other Open Source projects in terms 
> of having software available.  The other cool features like plugins will 
> simply set us apart.
> My personal goal is to work towards a full release of Apache Geronimo 
> 2.0 (perhaps it should be 5.0 :)  available around the end of March in 
> 2007.  In order to have a version available by that date we need to 
> deliver some milestones earlier so we can get user feedback, tweak the 
> server and fix some bugs.  So here is my thinking, let me know how this 
> sounds to you.
> December
> 22nd - Release Milestone 1  this release would include:
>   Java 1.5 as the base JDK
>   JSP 2.1 (Jetty and Tomcat)
>   JSF 1.2
>   Java Mail
>   JTA 1.1
>   JMS 1.1 (Active MQ 4)
>   JPA (Open JPA)
>   EJB 2.1 (Open EJB 2.3/2?)
>   JSTL
> This release would not be certified but would be an incremental version 
> for people to noodle on
> January
> 26th - Release Milestone 2
>   Add EJB 3.0 in its current form (need David's input on this)
>   JAXB
>   JEE Mgmt 1.1
>   Web Services 1.2 (perhaps the Axis guys or Celtixfire folks have some 
> thoughts on this)
> February
> 23rd (or March 2nd) - Release Candidate 1
> March
> 16th - Release Candidate 2
> 30th - Version 2.0 Available
> This is a really rough outline of a delivery schedule.  I know Apache is 
> not a machine and we're about community.  My hope is that we as a 
> community will have a common goal to work towards and that a schedule 
> will help guide us.  If we end up missing the dates because we're not 
> there then so be it.  I think a good piece of software is worth the wait 
> but I really want us to hold our heads high when people look at our 
> stack compared to other alternatives.
> In order to achieve these goals we'll need to get cracking on an EE 5.0 
> release quickly.  It looks like Dain has been getting 1.2 ready with 
> lots of help and I'm hoping that we'll be able to branch trunk in to a 
> 1.2 branch this Friday.  It will be awesome for folks to get a 1.2 in 
> their hands for production use as well as a milestone on Java EE 5.0 in 
> December.  I'd like to get the EE 5.0 work going in trunk (best option) 
> or an official branch *(least desireable) this Friday.  Either way I'd 
> like to officially kick off the Drive to Five !
> Are you ready ?
> Matt Hogstrom
> "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.
> Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat all day."

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