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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: The Drive to Five
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 18:13:27 GMT
I agree that it is critical for us to support Java EE 5 quickly to be 
competitive.  I also agree that a common goal such as this (with target 
dates and all) is a great way to foster community.

Moving this work to trunk or if need be a full branch will also help 
resolve some of the issues that I've been hitting working on the sparse 
tree in the sandbox and things quickly getting out of sync.

Great note Matt (and catchy slogan :-) !   I'm ready!


Matt Hogstrom wrote:
> I've been noodling over our Java EE 5.0 release of Geronimo and had  
> some ideas I wanted to share.
> Given that the J2EE space is highly competitive I would love to see  us 
> have a Java EE 5.0 implementation out before Java One.  We might  not be 
> the first on the block but we'll be in the pack and that will  be huge 
> for us in terms of showing we came from behind with J2EE 1.4  a few 
> years late and now were on a par with our other Open Source  projects in 
> terms of having software available.  The other cool  features like 
> plugins will simply set us apart.
> My personal goal is to work towards a full release of Apache Geronimo  
> 2.0 (perhaps it should be 5.0 :)  available around the end of March  in 
> 2007.  In order to have a version available by that date we need  to 
> deliver some milestones earlier so we can get user feedback, tweak  the 
> server and fix some bugs.  So here is my thinking, let me know  how this 
> sounds to you.
> December
> 22nd - Release Milestone 1  this release would include:
>   Java 1.5 as the base JDK
>   JSP 2.1 (Jetty and Tomcat)
>   JSF 1.2
>   Java Mail
>   JTA 1.1
>   JMS 1.1 (Active MQ 4)
>   JPA (Open JPA)
>   EJB 2.1 (Open EJB 2.3/2?)
>   JSTL
> This release would not be certified but would be an incremental  version 
> for people to noodle on
> January
> 26th - Release Milestone 2
>   Add EJB 3.0 in its current form (need David's input on this)
>   JAXB
>   JEE Mgmt 1.1
>   Web Services 1.2 (perhaps the Axis guys or Celtixfire folks have  some 
> thoughts on this)
> February
> 23rd (or March 2nd) - Release Candidate 1
> March
> 16th - Release Candidate 2
> 30th - Version 2.0 Available
> This is a really rough outline of a delivery schedule.  I know Apache  
> is not a machine and we're about community.  My hope is that we as a  
> community will have a common goal to work towards and that a schedule  
> will help guide us.  If we end up missing the dates because we're not  
> there then so be it.  I think a good piece of software is worth the  
> wait but I really want us to hold our heads high when people look at  
> our stack compared to other alternatives.
> In order to achieve these goals we'll need to get cracking on an EE  5.0 
> release quickly.  It looks like Dain has been getting 1.2 ready  with 
> lots of help and I'm hoping that we'll be able to branch trunk  in to a 
> 1.2 branch this Friday.  It will be awesome for folks to get  a 1.2 in 
> their hands for production use as well as a milestone on  Java EE 5.0 in 
> December.  I'd like to get the EE 5.0 work going in  trunk (best option) 
> or an official branch *(least desireable) this  Friday.  Either way I'd 
> like to officially kick off the Drive to Five !
> Are you ready ?
> Matt Hogstrom
> "Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.
> Teach a man to fish and he will sit in a boat all day."

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