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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Release 1.2-beta?
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2006 13:59:14 GMT

On Nov 29, 2006, at 10:32 PM, Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> First off I'd like to give everyone a hearty "thank you" to  
> everyone that has (already) worked on 1.2, so THANK YOU.
> Now that we have branched 1.2, I think we should get the code out  
> to our users as soon as possible, and I think this means releasing  
> an uncertified 1.2-beta.  This will allow us to work our any  
> remaining kinks, legal issues and bugs, while the remaining TCK  
> work is being completed.  With good luck, we should be able to get  
> out a single beta and incorporate the feedback just as the TCK work  
> is finished.
> So to kick things off, I have just published our regular Wednesday  
> snapshot build here:
> Please, review this with an eye for a Release vote later this  
> week.  If you see a problem, let us know.  If you don't see any  
> problems, let us know that also.
> When no release stopping problems exist, I'll create proposed final  
> 1.2-beta assemblies and post them to my home directory for voting  
> (hopefully later this week).

Sounds good.

Yesterday, I started working my way through the LICENSE and NOTICE  
files to bring them up to snuff. It's a slow process. I've finished  
lib and lib/endorsed. Starting on repository, now... Hope to be done  

Since we're embedding incubator projects, I think we should add a  
Disclaimer file which explains our inclusion of incubator projects. I  
plan on doing this. Will probably run this by incubator@...

We're currently dependent on a number of incubator snapshots  
(openejb, openjpa, activemq, yoko). Since the incubator release  
process can be nearly as slow as ours ;-), we should look at ways of  
prepping their projects for release. I scanned openejb a while back  
(at David B's suggestion), but haven't looked at the fixes, yet. Yoko  
has been trying to release an M1 (we're using M2-SNAPSHOT) since  
early October. I have some minor issues with Yoko's handling of  
LICENSE files which I hope to get them to address...

We have a number of files which contain non-ASF copyright statements  
(I think I have a list of files in the Jira that I raised). It's not  
mandatory, but would be nice to get these moved out of the source  
files and into our NOTICE file. However, this requires action (or  
consent) by the copyright holder. I think I can probably take care of  
the IBM copyrights. There are other copyright holders, however. If  
someone could try to contact the copyright holder(s) that would be  


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