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From "Vamsavardhana Reddy" <>
Subject Build question - configs
Date Fri, 10 Nov 2006 12:16:40 GMT

I want to know how the following can be achieved in branches\1.1 and trunk

When I build a configuration, I want a certain dependency to be copied to
repository at assembly time.  I do not want the build to add this dependency
directly to the configuration that is built.  It is better explained with
the following example:

When I build a configuration (say configs\myapp) which is for an EAR
application, I want to add a dependency "foo/bar/1.0/jar".  When I include
this configuration in an assembly, I want "foo/bar/1.0/jar" to be copied to
the repository.  I do not want the build process automatically adding a
dependency on "foo/bar/1.0/jar" in my application plan since I want to add
this dependency explicitly at a certain module level.

In branches\1.1, adding <geronimo.dependency>true</geronimo.dependency>
under the <property> tag in the dependency declared in
configs\myapp\project.xml is making the jar to be copied to repo at assembly
time.  But then the build is adding a dependency at application level in the
application plan.  Is there a property that I can enable under dependency
properties in project.xml that will prevent "foo/bar/1.0/jar" from being
added to my application plan?

I want to achieve the same in the trunk too.


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