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From "Paul McMahan" <>
Subject Re: jspc-maven-plugin
Date Tue, 21 Nov 2006 23:29:53 GMT
On 11/21/06, Jeff Genender <> wrote:
> Paul McMahan wrote:
> > Geronimo 2.0 will be using jetty and tomcat v6 which implement the new
> > JSP spec.  I think that means that for Geronimo 2.0 we'll need a new
> > version of the jspc maven plugin that references the tomcat v6
> > artifacts instead of v5.5.15.  Otherwise I think the plugin would not
> > be able to compile JSP 2.1.  Does that sound right?
> Your wish is my command ;-)  I can make the plugin build for both (2.0
> and 2.1) based on either JVM used, or a profile.
> I need to know if we will use the Glassfish jars or if Tomcat is
> coughing one up.

Ahh, nice genie ;-)  I believe Tomcat will have everything we need.

I built the stuff from:
and stashed a copy here:

Can you take a peek there and see if it has what the plugin needs?
I'm using that repo as a staging area until the tomcat guys publish
the v6 jars.  When they publish them some of the groupId/artifactIds
will probably change, specifically I think they'll use "tomcat" for
the groupId instead of "tomcat6".  But I couldn't do that -- long

Best wishes,

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