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From "Rakesh Midha" <>
Subject Exception Handling in Console
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2006 07:32:52 GMT

In case I get any exception or error condition in Console, the nothing is
printed on web console and huge stack trace is printed on server console.
Only thing done in the name of Exception handling in all the portlets is
"throw PortletException"

I somehow don't like this behavior of console. As a console user I don't
want to go and see server stacktrace, if there is some error I should
atleast be informed in console. I think everytime there is a error or
exception in console, it should be printed in either exception page in
webconsole, or in header of portlet view page. This is done to some extent
in configManager and CA part of console. But not in uniform way.

This is what I am proposing for Exception handling in console :
1. Create a which extends PortletException, this class
will have overridden printStackTrace(PrintWriter), which will set attribute
required in _ConsoleException.jsp apart from printing the stack on
2. Create _ConsoleException.jsp which should be included in all portlet,
this jsp will be responsible to print a short message and long stack trace.
(with a toggle button to view and hide long stack trace)
3. All Portlet classes should throw ConsoleException instead of

I think this will be nice and cleaner way to handle the console problems.

I am working on to solve
the same problem in deploy new app portlet. Once don't I will supply the
patch and open another JIRA to do this activity for all the portlets.

Please let me know if I am thinking right or missing something. Your views
and comments will be appreciated.


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