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From "Dain Sundstrom" <>
Subject [Results] Priorities for 1.2
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2006 03:57:37 GMT
The results are in!  We had a good number of respondents, and the
results are quite clear.  Last night I spent a few hours tallying the
results and analyzing them.   There was a very clean ordering from the
most popular to the least.  Additionally, the features clearly fell
into categories.

These features were easily visually separated from the others.  They
tended to have a lot of #1 ranking and almost no low rankings.
Additionally, these are the most clearly defined, have several people
working on them, and are already mostly complete.  This the feature
set that will define the 1.2 release.

Full Java 5 support (really is certification on Java 5) - Dain, Jencks and Rick
OpenJPA integration - Blevins and Jencks
Yoko ORB support - Rick and Jencks
Global JNDI - Dain and Jencks

Some support
These features had a few very few 1-2 rankings, but many 3-5 rankings.
 Additionally, the also had a a few lower half rankings.
Additionally, "Console usability improvements" and "More server
modularization via plugins" are improvements and not features.  I do
not believe that anyone is working in "Console extensibility" or
"OpenEJB 3.0 integration with @Stateless" with an eye for inclusion in
1.2 and these features are likely to be quite destabilizing.
Therefor, they will not be included in the 1.2 release.

Console usability improvements
Console extensibility
More server modularization via plugins
OpenEJB 3.0 integration with @Stateless

Little Support
These features had a small amount of support noted buy a single vote
for a top 3 ranking, and normally a supporting vote for a top 5
ranking (except CMP which only had a single #2 vote).  Therefor, I
think these features are best demonstrated via a plugin or branch to
gather more support before they are included in any release.

More out of the box samples
Geronimo OSGi bundle
GShell integration
CMP improvements

No Support
These features had no rankings in the top half (1-7).

JAF 1.1
Jetspeed integration


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