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From "Prasad Kashyap" <>
Subject Info needed: migrating openejb-itests to testsuite framework
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2006 03:21:34 GMT
I am looking at migrating the openejb-itests to the new testsuite framework.

I already have the plan migrated to the 1.1 format. However I have
some questions regarding the way the classes for the ejb jars are set
up and the classes for tests. Can someone please shed some light on it
and help me understand the present structure ?

The way I see it, the openejb-itests project creates 8 ejb archives by
jar'ing a set or subset of classes and combining it with different
plans and DDs.

The archives are :

The classes come from the java source files in src/java.

The correct m2 way of building these many artifacts would be to create
their own projects.

Question 1
Now, are these java files disjoint enough that they can be split apart
into as many projects as the ejb archives we need ? Don't think we can
build all the classes in one core m2 project and use the classes in
another project which has just the plan DD. Can we ?

Question 2.
Is the openejb-itests archive really needed ? It is the one big
archive for the whole project that encompasses everything. It has it's
own plan and DD and is also distributed into the server. But it also
contains the other archives. This is kinda confusing.

I believe the test java files are in src/itest directory. However,
they have a dependency on the java files in src/java. Like I said, the
only a subset of files in src/java are used to create archives. The
rest are either included in that big openejb-itests archive or simply
needed to support the junit tests in src/itests. Now why is it
structured this way ?  Why weren't they moved to the src/itests dir
where they are needed ?

Thanx in advance


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