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From Matt Hogstrom <>
Subject Re: [jira] Closed: (DAYTRADER-16) JPA mode
Date Tue, 31 Oct 2006 16:19:22 GMT

On Oct 30, 2006, at 6:09 PM, Christopher Blythe wrote:

> David...
> Read through your notes late last week concerning the JPA mode  
> additions and figured I would add my comments here. We definitely  
> need to add support for JPA and EJB 3.0 into Daytrader; however, we  
> also need to maintain the existing JDBC and EJB 2.1 operating modes  
> in some way shape of form for functional/performance regression  
> testing purposes.
> What I would really like to see are continued enhancements to clean- 
> up Daytrader in it's existing form in the 1.2.X release stream.  
> This would include things like the SSB to JDBC mode that I  
> submitted in DAYTRADER-15, the Dojo interface in DAYTRADER-17, etc.  
> This would leave Daytrader 1.2.X as an excellent testcase for J2EE  
> 1.4 functionality.

Geronimo as well as DayTrader are at a cross roads in terms of  
leaving J2EE 1.4 and moving to Java EE 5.0.  I have applied your  
patches in -15 and started looking at them.  I haven't finished as  
I'm juggling a couple of things.

> For the JPA, EJB 3.0 and other EE 5 related stuff, I feel like  
> these should go into a new version of Daytrader (perhaps Daytrader  
> 2.0) where we can completely replace the existing Direct and EJB  
> modes with their JPA and EJB 3.0 equivalents. It would also be nice  
> to add some additional complexity to the Daytrader data model at  
> this time. Just a few ideas that have been floating around in my  
> head include...
> - batch order processing
> - quote price and stock index histories
> - configurable buy/sell orders

We are planning on releasing JPA functionality in Geronimo 1.2 so a  
preview would be nice.  The question is exactly what you laid out  
Chris in terms of making the build more modular.  It would be nice to  
be able to abstract the persistence mechanisms away from the app in a  
clean way so they can be dynamically bound to the application.   
Although, the tradeoff is flexibility which won't directly model real- 
world development in terms of exploiting a programming model.

> I'm not sure how this aligns with the Geronimo release plan in  
> terms EE 5 support and Daytrader/Geronimo versioning.
> Another idea I've been toying with is a pluggable model for the  
> persistence layer that would allow us to run Daytrader in a larger  
> number of configurations and environments. Currently, the Direct  
> mode impl is packaged inside the ejb jar. Consequently, you need a  
> full EJB container just to run Direct mode even though you could  
> theoretically run Direct mode on base Tomcat server. Anyway, I was  
> thinking of something like...

Yup...can we put some effort on the above and help to address the JPA  
problem as well as the persistence options you added in -15?  Also,  
how do you guys feel about moving to Java 1.5.   I think we should  
make the break in 1.2 of DT.

> - re-organizing some of the common code (data beans, config, etc.)  
> into a util jar
> - use some form of factory pattern for detecting the available  
> persistence mechanisms (aka. JDBC, Session to JDBC, Session to  
> Entity, JPA, EJB 3.0, etc)
> - provide separate ejb jars for each of these impls
> - depending on which ejb jar is loaded with the application,  
> provide the available runtime option (use JNDI lookups to determine  
> which modes are available)
> The only reason I mention this here is because we could use  
> something like this to maintain the existing runtime modes and  
> introduce the new runtime modes offered by JPA and EJB 3.0.
> I know that is a lot to consume and think about... but figured I  
> should start shoving the snowball.
> Thoughts and comments?
> On 10/30/06, David Jencks (JIRA) <> wrote:
>      [ ]
> David Jencks closed DAYTRADER-16.
> ---------------------------------
>     Resolution: Fixed
> Added in rev 469284.  Don't know if direct or ejb mode still work.
> > JPA mode
> > --------
> >
> >                 Key: DAYTRADER-16
> >                 URL: 
> >             Project: DayTrader
> >          Issue Type: New Feature
> >          Components: EJB Tier
> >    Affects Versions: 1.2
> >            Reporter: David Jencks
> >         Assigned To: David Jencks
> >             Fix For: 1.2
> >
> >         Attachments: DAYTRADER-16.patch
> >
> >
> > Daytrader needs a JPA mode.  Simplest way is to make the  
> XXXDataBeans enhanced.  This will make daytrader java 5 only: it  
> won't compile on jdk 1.4.
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Matt Hogstrom

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