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From David Blevins <>
Subject Re: [discussion] openejb-itests in testsuite
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2006 23:35:42 GMT
Ok, I took look through where you're going and here's a slightly  
altered proposal.

We group the tests with the beans as such:

  openejb-footests/src/main/    # this is where the beans will go
  openejb-footests/src/test/    # this is where the client test code  
will go

We setup the poms to package and publish the test code with the beans:

That will avoid spreading the code for a single test between two  
modules and avoids the "bucket" module that would contain all test  
client code for all modules and would needlessly have a dependency on  
all modules.

Couple thoughts on the poms:

   - the parent would lineage would be org.apache.openejb:itests ->  
   - the groupId would be org.apache.openejb

You and put any geronimo-specific plugins, descriptors, or  
dependencies in pom.xmls (modules) in geronimo svn using any layout  
you choose.  Those modules would just declare dependencies on the  
openejb test libraries they wish to reuse.  That should be fine  
unless you also plan to redo all the test source code to something  
other than junit or introduce code dependencies on geronimo-specific  
bits of test framework.  If that's the ultimate goal, then it might  
just be better to take a copy of the test code.



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