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From Brian Chan <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Liferay Plugins
Date Tue, 17 Oct 2006 03:41:13 GMT
<p>Sure thing Paul. Just let me know what to do for the Jetty and 1.2.x plugin.</p><p>--<br
/>Brian Chan<br />Chief Software Architect<br />Liferay, Inc.<br />Enterprise.
Open Source. For Life.<br /><br />On 10/16/06 8:08 AM,&nbsp;Paul McMahan &lt;<a
href="mailto:"></a>&gt; wrote:<br
/></p><div style="PADDING-LEFT: 1ex; MARGIN: 0pt 0pt 0pt 1ex; BORDER-LEFT: rgb(204,204,204)
1px solid"><pre>On 10/16/06, Aaron Mulder  wrote:
&gt; On 10/14/06, Brian Chan  wrote:
&gt; &gt; The latest Liferay portal plugins are now available on.
&gt; &gt;
&gt; &gt;
&gt; Nice!
&gt; &gt; It'd be great if we can add it to the default list of available plugin
&gt; &gt; repositories for Geronimo 1.2 and on.
&gt; We can actually add it for 1.1.1 if you like -- according to the
&gt; plugin metadata, this same plugin works in both 1.1.1 and
&gt; 1.2-SNAPSHOT.  Is that right; has it been tested in both?

The plugins work fine for me in Geronimo 1.1.1.  I agree it would be a
great idea to add this repo to the default repository list for 1.1.1.
However, in Geronimo 1.2 our group id changed from &quot;geronimo&quot; to
&quot;org.apache.geronimo&quot; so we'll need new versions of the plugins that
reference the Geronimo prerequisites correctly for that release.  I
can offer my assistance to Liferay on creating them.  IIUC the
tentative plan is to release Geronimo 1.2 towards the end of this
year, so we should coordinate things around that timeframe.

Also, I worked on a Jetty version of the plugin but encountered some
problems with classloading that I think may be due to the Jetty
assembly pulling in Spring and/or cglib differently than the Tomcat
assembly?  I saw a couple of emails go by last week about issues with
Spring in the Jetty assembly, perhaps that could be related.  I
haven't drilled down far enough to know the real culprit yet.

Best wishes,
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