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From "Slava McDougald" <>
Subject Load driving scripts for Daytrader
Date Tue, 24 Oct 2006 14:35:37 GMT
Hi all,

It is great to have the Daytrader sample in the Geronimo projects.
Daytrader is an end-to-end application that allows a full functional
testing of Geronimo as well as measuring the performance of the

However, in order to do a performance test, a users need to drive the
application with some kind of a load driving software.  And for that
they need to spend time and effort to develop scripts for driving the
sample.  Very often, they do not have the time or the desire to invest
in learning all the specifics about a new load driving tool and/or the
application just to be able to perform a test.  But if they are
provided will the scripts they will gladly use them.

I think that it would be very useful for both developers and users of
Daytrader to package the benchmark with scripts for load driving it.

There are a couple of load driving software project in the open source
arena that we can use for that purpose.  Recently, I looked into a
couple of them (for my own testing purposes).  I think that the Apache
Jackarta JMeter ( would be suitable
choice for driving Daytrader.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?


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