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From "Slava McDougald" <>
Subject Re: DayTrader with an AJAX based Web interface
Date Fri, 13 Oct 2006 14:41:20 GMT
Hi Chris,

The new Daytrader AJAX interface is much richer and user friendly than
the WEB1.0.  I love it.
Very nice job!
I tested it with both Firefox and IE.  Impressively enough, it worked
like a charm, even with IE.
The only little glitch I noticed was the time, it took to load the
Dojo libraries into the browser when you first invoke the application.
 On my system it took about 10 sec.
However, I did see a "loading…" alert during that time so I assume, it is ok.

But it would be nice if we can find some way to reduce the "loading…" time.


On 10/12/06, J. Stan Cox <> wrote:
> When I first loaded the initial page, it didn't look right in FireFox
> (text jumbled up a bit, etc.).  However, I clicked refresh and it
> resolved the problem. After that, everything works perfectly.  The
> interface is really cool.
> I'd like to see that patch get in soon, so the Geronimo world can
> contribute.
> Stan.
> Paul McMahan wrote:
> > On 10/12/06, Christopher Blythe <> wrote:
> >> Paul...
> >>
> >> Just read through the chain and the idea is sound... I like the idea of
> >> having a base dojo library accessible within the server, thus
> >> removing the
> >> burden on the developer of maintaining the dojo libraries within
> >> their code.
> >
> > Yes that's the idea, plus (hopefully) there is some performance
> > improvement via browser caching when multiple apps share the same
> > library.
> >
> >> Plus, I don' t think there would be any conflicts if someone chose to do
> >> that in order to use newer builds of dojo, etc.
> >
> > My initial thinking on that has been that if an app needs a specific
> > newer or older build of dojo then they could still include it in their
> > war. Or they could deploy a new shared version at a different context,
> > say /dojo-verX.Y.Z/dojo.js, but that could quickly get unmanageable..
> > The server's version of dojo would still be deployed at /dojo and
> > support applications that are not as sensitive to version changes (see
> > below).
> >
> >> Just curious, would it be
> >> permissible for a developer to upgrade the dojo library inside the
> >> appserver
> >> on their own?
> >
> > Yes I think so,  in the same way that an application might want to
> > upgrade any other library in the server, say tranql for instance.  Of
> > course other applications and native components in the server that
> > were using the old version would automatically start using the new
> > version, so some care must be taken.
> >
> >> Something else I just thought of... I wonder if there would be
> >> any impact on custom dojo widgets created by the developer. This is
> >> actually
> >> what I have done with the DayTrader interface. May be worth trying
> >> out...
> >
> > Ideally custom widgets could be contributed back to the Dojo
> > foundation and show up in a later standard build of the library that
> > gets incorporated into geronimo.  But that's of course not always
> > possible due to time constraints as well as there being cases where
> > the custom widgets are not appropriately licensed for dojo or not
> > reusable in a highly generalized kind of way.  It would be interesting
> > to find out if one could include customized widgets from their
> > application's context while still using the shared library for the
> > standard components.  I think its possible by overriding certain parts
> > of dojo's packaging mechanism but haven't tried it.
> >
> >>  Your idea for serving up customized builds sounds interesting;
> >> however, I'm
> >> not sure if there is currently a way to accurately detect all of the
> >> libraries that are used by an application. Based on my experience, you
> >> manually put together the list of libraries required for your build
> >> and then
> >> kick off ant. Let me poke around further and see what I can find out...
> >
> > If you pick up dojo from svn then they provide some build profiles
> > that I think could be used for this purpose.
> >  There's
> > a thread on this titled "dojo in Geronimo (long)" where this is being
> > discussed.
> >
> > Best wishes,
> > Paul
> >

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