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From "Alan D. Cabrera" <>
Subject Re: Geronimo Release Roadmap
Date Thu, 05 Oct 2006 18:07:41 GMT
As I mentioned earlier, I agree your page is quite useful and we  
should keep it around.  However, Dain and I will stick with our own,  
more detailed, page for our release management efforts.


On Oct 5, 2006, at 8:26 AM, Hernan Cunico wrote:

> Hi Alan,
> I wouldn't say that I have a general roadmap feature set page, I  
> would rather say we do ;-)
> We have had that page for quite some time now (since v1.0 maybe!?)  
> and people have been posting features and assigning their names  
> there for quite some time too.
> The Roadmap page ( 
> release-roadmap.html ) is available under the project management  
> space. In an effort to continue the same format we used for v1.1  
> release for consolidating user requirements I tried to create a new  
> similar page for the v1.2 release based on some user feedback  
> already available from the mailing lists. My mistake was to place  
> these pages in the development space instead of the project  
> management one. ( see 
> user-requirements.html and 
> v12-user-requirements.html ). The idea was to brainstorm there and  
> then move what we voted for to the actual roadmap page.
> The page you and Dain are working on came out kind of "just now".  
> It is fine with me to use the new Priorities 1.2 page but I think  
> we keep reinventing the wheel over and over again instead of  
> leveraging what we already have working.
> The wiki is huge, there are over 500 up-to-date pages now and this  
> number keeps going up at a fast pace. I understand it might be hard  
> to keep up with the current content so I would suggest we all  
> discuss our ideas and plans for administering, organizing and  
> maintaining the wiki before taking any big action. It would save us  
> all a lot of time and will help us to maintain a clear and  
> consistent message of what and how we display the info. ( again,  
> just my suggestion ).
> With that said, what should we do with the pages we already have?
> Cheers!
> Hernan
> Alan D. Cabrera wrote:
>> Hernan,
>> Dain and I are working off of 
>> priorities-12.html.  I prefer that there be a single source for  
>> this kind of information and since Dain and I are working with the  
>> pointy end of the stick, let's use our page.
>> The general roadmap feature set that you have is useful.  I'd like  
>> to keep the resource commitments on the above page.
>> Regards,
>> Alan
>> On Sep 28, 2006, at 11:14 AM, Hernan Cunico wrote:
>>> Yeah, tricky column.   Should we have a separate release roadmap  
>>> page for each release?
>>> With some exceptions the "Target Release" column just shows 1.2.  
>>> I added 1.1.1 because most of the doc is completed after the  
>>> "software" is released. I am currently working on v1.1 and v1.1.1  
>>> doc and "hope" to have as a minimum those features also covered  
>>> in the upcoming release.
>>> I see several folks updating the "Person working on the function"  
>>> column already. ;-)  BTW, adding some comments during the page  
>>> update may help a lot ( thanks Jacek ;-)  )
>>> Probably Dain and/or Alan ( being the release managers ) would  
>>> have some thoughts as of how to have this list better organized.
>>> Cheers!
>>> Hernan
>>> Paul McMahan wrote:
>>>> Thanks Hernan.  I put my name next to some items.  I wasn't sure  
>>>> how
>>>> to determine the target release, though.  I'm assuming that column
>>>> will undergo some refinement.
>>>> Best wishes,
>>>> Paul
>>>> On 9/26/06, Hernan Cunico <> wrote:
>>>>> Hi All,
>>>>> I just updated the release roadmap with some doc stuff and put  
>>>>> my name on it.
>>>>> Pls chime in and put your name too.
>>>>> Cheers!
>>>>> Hernan

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