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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Conditionally loading modules based on expression (and environment)
Date Mon, 02 Oct 2006 20:22:55 GMT
> I think the key is to keep the syntax simple and the
> runtime reqs to a minimum, limiting the functionality if necessary to
> achieve this.  I don't know much about Jexl but it sounds like you've
> found a good candidate.

I think that Jexl is probably the best and easiest solution for now.   
As I said before we could roll our own parser, but we'd want to have  
most of the syntax/features that is in Jexl.  I think the cost of  
fixing bugs and other maintenance of our own parser is not worth the  
trouble to save a few kb.  Jexl only depends on commons-logging,  
which we already pull in lib/* so there is no other hidden bloat.

For functions though, my test was using commons-lang's SystemUtils  
for all of its JDK version/vendor muck... which does not justify the  
other 150k of fluff that comes with it.  So its probably best to just  
pluck out the needed sources into a few function objects rather than  
add this guy to the boot cp.


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