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From Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <>
Subject Re: JSTL dependencies on JSP/EL
Date Thu, 26 Oct 2006 19:27:42 GMT
Tomcat 6 is just around the corner, but is pretty easy to build from 
SVN, three steps,
1. svn co trunk
2. cd trunk
3. ant download
4. ant

It generates all the libraries that you'll need, more answers inline

Joe Bohn wrote:
> JSTL 1.2 is dependent upon a JSP 2.1 web container (this is no great 
> surprise).  However, more specifically the Glassfish JSTL 
> implementation is dependent upon a JSP 2.1 implementation and a 2.1 EL 
> implementation as well.
> So, I'm wondering where we will pick up the JSP support for the 
> various containers.
it should come with the container itself. Tomcat 6 will ship with it.
We are also hoping to publish the individual JARs to the ASF maven repo, 
so that they can be utilized independently.
> I've seen it mentioned someplace that Jetty 6 would pick up the 
> Glassfish JSP 2.1 implementation.  Is this true?  I just downloaded 
> Jetty 6.0.1 and it seems that the JSP2.1 jar in lib does include 
> com.sun classes.  However, if look under modules/jsp-2.1 there are 
> apache jasper items there (which I presume are from jakarta).  
> Jan/Greg ... could one of you clarify this?  If it is Glassfish then I 
> presume there should be no issue with using the Glassfish JSTL library 
> with Jetty6 ... do you agree?
> I'm having a more difficult time finding information for Tomcat 6.x. 
> There's no download yet and the documentation for tomcat 6.x seems 
> like it's still a 5.x version of the doc with just 6.x headers.  It 
> still references servlet 2.4 and JSP 2.0 (via Jakarta) rather than 
> servlet 2.5 and JSP 2.1.  Does anybody (Jeff?) know if Tomcat is 
> planning to pick up the Glassfish JSP 2.1 impl as well or is there 
> going to be a new Jakarta Jasper implementation?
Tomcat doesn't pick it up from Glassfish, it sits in the Tomcat source tree.


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