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From Joe Bohn <>
Subject Re: J2EE Management for JEE 5
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2006 17:22:48 GMT

Dain Sundstrom wrote:

> JSR 77 is a weird spec in that is had very few Java APIs specified.   
> The bulk of the spec described the names of fields and operations to  be 
> exposed via JMX.  You should check if the Java APIs were updated  for 
> Java5 generics.

JSR 77 is a weird spec!  As I was just looking at Chris' note and the 
spec I was surprised to see that most of the fundamental "interfaces" 
(like J2EEManagedObject and J2EEServer) are only defined within our 
implementation (modules/geronimo-management) and not included in our 
version of the management spec.  It seems that only the JSR 77 
statistics types are included as interfaces in our version of the spec.

This makes me wonder about the specs that I signed up for which are 
newly included in Java EE 5 (JSTL and Annotations).   Is it correct to 
assume that we should only include interface definitions from the specs 
if they were explicitly called out (such as with package names) or 
called out in an API section of the specification?   The JSTL spec 
includes an API section that includes not only interfaces but also 
abstract and other classes.  I was planning to just use Glassfish for 
JSTL and pick up their spec jar as part of the package rather than 
creating a Geronimo named spec jar.  Does that make sense?

The Annotations spec has package qualified annotation interfaces 
declared in the spec.  It appears that somebody (DBlevins?) has already 
created most of these in our specs tree.


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